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Best Blogger XML Sitemap Generator

Create the most effective XML Sitemap for your blogger website, suitable for both Google and Bing search consoles. Numerous new and experienced bloggers prefer using the XML sitemap format, such as {}, however, this is an incorrect sitemap. Google officially recommends using a sitemap that caters to both Posts and Pages in Blogger. The aforementioned incorrect sitemap you have generated is only applicable for posts and not for your blogger pages. Consequently, the indexing and ranking of your blog and pages are inadequate and slow, unlike posts that are indexed into Google.

Bear in mind that when utilizing our blogger templates, you have the potential to elevate your page rankings. However, in contrast to other developers, they do not furnish schema, meta tags, descriptions, and other similar elements for pages. They only provide these for posts. You can utilize the Google Schema test tool to verify whether our pages are schema-supported and more conducive to SEO. Upon installation of our blogger template, use the tool below to generate the most suitable blogger sitemap.

XML Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool

Note: Use Copy/Paste only to Enter your website URL!

Furthermore, the labels in blogger must be marked as "no-index" to prevent a duplicate content problem on Google, which can negatively impact your ranking. This is why we have already incorporated "no-index" tags into all our free and premium blogger templates. Once you have created a sitemap, follow the steps provided in the demo screenshots below to update it in your blogger Dashboard Settings.

How setup sitemap in Blogger Setting?

Go to Blogger Dashboard> Blogger Setting > Crawlers and indexing > Custom robots.txt and copy the above-generated sitemap and paste inbox and click save. That's done you have successfully updated blogger's best sitemap.

Blogger Sitemap Generator

How to setup sitemap in GSC?

Go to your "Google Search Console(GSC)" dashboard here then select sitemap from the left sidebar menu and copy the above-generated two sitemaps link (for posts/pages) and paste one by one, and then submit to google correctly. See the below attached demo screenshots.

Blogger Sitemap for Google

How to setup Custom Robots txt?

Go to blogger dashboard click on blogger setting under Crawling and Indexing section tap on Enable Custom Robots.txt then set up the indexing option like we provide in the below-attached screenshots.

(i) For Home and Posts, Pages use these same settings provide in the below screenshot, here we set the index to follow option so that home and pages can be index by search engines

Blogger Enable Custom Robots.txt

(ii) For Archived Pages use the same setting provide in the below screenshot, here we set noindex and noodp options because we don't want to index archive pages.

Blogger Enable Custom Robots.txt

In Conlusion, A XML sitemap is the most important tool for bloggers to index posts because google understands can be able to read and determine each page and post to rank, always be updated, and check out this blog for any new updates. Thanks for reading this article. Sharing is Caring, share this article with your friends and some knowns to understand how to generated Correct sitemap also you can write a Blog Post to aware all blogger right now.

Thank you Stay healthy & safe during this Covid-19 pandemic situation right now, sanitized yourself, and keep blogging.

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